Who Am I & What Do I Have to Offer You?


Hi, I'm Patti Meyer. I'm a recent transplant to Frisco, Texas from gorgeous San Francisco, a place where I spent the last twenty-five years of my life and that I consider home. I admit, I was scared to move so far outside my comfort zone at first, but I have been pleasantly surprised and have definitely been enjoying my time here.

I've been working in Business Management and with administrative functions for 18 years. This means not only am I good at what I do, I LOVE it too! 

As proof, at my very first job working retail, I was promoted to Assistant Manager within six months. So it goes, I wouldn't stop asking my manager questions about the inner workings of the business so he promoted me in order to teach me. It turned out I had a knack and a passion for learning, leading, organizing, and getting things done. Since then, I've maintained similar positions eventually leading me to create my own official business doing what I love: BizMagic!

A little bit about my experience: One of my most notable roles was working as the Operations Manager for a small non-profit theater (The Marsh) in San Francisco's Mission District for a decade, though I began as a lighting designer and lighting/sound tech for the shows there. I was thrilled and honored to work with so many incredible artists and learn every aspect of show production.

I have also worked on and off for over 12 years with a successful Recruiting Manager and Career Coach, starting off as her assistant and eventually moving on to strongly support her in the development of her business, PHYREDUP, as the Director of Operations there. Working with her, I learned the ins and outs of the professional business world and how to excel completely remotely, under pressure and with autonomy. 

Founder, Patti Meyer of BizMagic Business Administration Support and Management

I've worked for many clients over the years supporting them in their wide-ranging types of small businesses. The work has varied between long and short term, but no matter what, I have always absolutely loved the work I do.

What can I bring to my work with you as a result of all this experience? Working with businesses and individuals of all forms and styles – Non-Profits to Arts to Teachers to Business Professionals – has given me the opportunity to build the expertise to communicate in any situation and with anyone I interact with. My drive to constantly learn leads me to become well versed in new technologies and trends on a regular basis, which gives me the edge to help my clients succeed. Working with someone who is smart, quick, intuitive, passionate, and dedicated is really an experience you just can't pass up.

Outside of my work at BizMagic, I spend time with my family and love being creative. If you're interested in seeing some of the other fun stuff I do in my free time, and just to get a general feel for my style and flair, take a look here.

I'm excited to get to know you and bring my magic to your business!