Episode 03: My Favorite Tips for Project Management

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I think any of us that manage day to day tasks to large projects know that it can be difficult to keep track of everything and make all the deadlines. In this week's episode, I address just that challenge by sharing my favorite Project Management tools. I invite you to join me and watch the video below. But if you prefer to simply listen instead, there is an audio version below as well! And of course if you prefer to read, I have that available for you too! Enjoy! 

YesYesMarsha.com - Click HERE
Toby (chrome extension) - Click HERE
Basecamp - Click HERE
Slack - Click HERE
Zoom - Click HERE
Asana - Click HERE

If you prefer to listen you can stream or download the audio version below:

Video Transcript

Stop me if this sounds too familiar: You run your own business and have multiple projects that you’re working on at the same time and each project has multiple moving parts and deadlines and you get overwhelmed, lose track of critical items and miss deadlines. Are you nodding emphatically right now? Sounds to me like you need some project management tools!

Welcome to another episode of the BizMagic Podcast; sharing expertise and solopreneur journeys to help business owners find the magic in their businesses by being more productive, focused, and successful.

I’m Patti Meyer, Founder of BizMagic where I help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners clear their plates so they can get back to doing what they love - running their businesses.

Today I’m talking about something that is critical to all business owners, but often overlooked - Project Management. More specifically I’m going to share my favorite project management tools with you and give you a quick tutorial of one of them, that I use everyday.

But what if you are saying, “I don’t have any big projects. I just have day to day tasks.” I want to respond to that by saying, day to day tasks ARE projects. When I talk about Project Management, I’m not talking necessarily only about large website overhauls, product launches, or full marketing campaigns. I’m also talking about managing your social media, a weekly newsletter, or taking on a new client.

Whether you’re managing projects and deadlines alone, working with independent contractors, or have a bustling team, having key project management tools in place can help you to keep focused, on track, and ensure you have a successful outcome to each project.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

I’m going to start by sharing some of the more basic project management tools I use on a regular basis and then talk I’ll share my favorite project management software, ending with a quick tour of the software I use everyday.

So let’s start with my tools:

  1. A paper calendar!

  2. Toby

  3. Slack

  4. Zoom

For software, I have two absolute favorites:

  1. Basecamp

  2. Asana

(For more in depth discussion of these tools, please watch the video or listen to the audio above)

Now I want to hear from you! What are your favorite tools and software for Project Management? Have you worked with anything I’ve mentioned here? Let me know! What areas do you struggle with the most when it comes to project management? Share in the comments.

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Then join me next time when I give you 10 tips self-care tips for entrepreneurs. Don’t miss it!

Till then, keep the magic in your biz!