A bit about my creative pursuits:

While I'm not actively making items to sell or doing lighting design or production photography, if you really connect with my work, I'd be open to discussing the possibilities of working together. Feel free to contact me. Enjoy viewing photos of my work below and learning a bit more about my skills in each section.






I've recently begun making jewelry - teaching myself as I go. I'm enjoying it immensely. I am working mostly with coated copper wire to create wire wrapped pendants, earrings and rings. I also completed a course in metalworking jewelry making that has expanded my knowledge base and skill set and am excited to work with metals in that capacity soon! 



More Fun Creations




Handwarmers & Mittens

I've been crocheting since 2003 - taught initially by a friend. I typically create most of my own designs or customize patterns.

Geoff Hoyle's "Geezer":
San Francisco,


"Towle's Hill": 11 City Tour, 2008

w/performer Mark Kenward

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sonoma, Houston, Austin, Kansas City, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Charlotte, New Orleans


Dan Hoyle's "Tings Dey Happen": San Francisco, CA


Kenny Yun's "Lettucetown Lies":
San Francisco, CA


Rebecca Fisher's "The Magnificence of the Disaster": Memphis, TN;
2007 & 2008

My lighting design skills developed over my decade at The Marsh Theater in San Francisco through hands on experience and working with other skilled lighting artists. In addition to designing countless shows, I had the pleasure of touring with several productions as well: Most notably in 2008 I did a ten-city bus tour across the country with a show created by The Marsh for a Sonoma winery. In addition to designing the show, I also worked directly with each theater and the winery to set up all technical aspects of the show for each city.

Marga Gomez's "Lovebirds"


Geoff Hoyle's "Geezer"


Jill vice's
"tipped & Tipsy"


Don Reed's "Semi-Famous"


Will Durst's "boomeraging"


Dan hoyle's
"the real americans"

I fell into production photography unintentionally and out of necessity at The Marsh as needed for press photos. It turned out to be something I enjoyed and had an eye for.