Feel like your business is running you?

“Ever wonder how you are going to maintain A-level performance, on time, on budget, meet/exceed expectations without sacrificing a gym workout, date night, or a rainy Netflix binge in your sweats?  In comes Patti!”


I work with female solopreneurs and entrepreneurs whose business helps others in powerful ways — like you! You know you’re good at what you do, but you feel completely overwhelmed and like you never accomplish enough.

You’ve read all the productivity blogs, you know what you should be doing… And yet, somehow, you get to the end of each day and you feel like you’ve gotten nothing done and everything is a mess.

I can help you get organized and your business running smoothly so that anxiety in your stomach disappears.

You’ll have more time in your day to focus on what REALLY needs your attention and you can get back to doing the work you went into business to do.

Do you:

  • Feel like you’ve taken on too much and sometimes panic and think it might all fall apart?

  • Worry that you have so much to do that you’ll never be able to take off nights and weekends, let alone go on vacation?

  • Know you’re leaving money on the table by not following up with clients for repeat business or referrals?

  • Love the idea of systems — but get overwhelmed when trying to implement (or even just research!) the right one for you?

  • Think about all the paperwork you have to do – bookkeeping, contracts, invoicing, business licenses, pitching, applications – and just shut down?

  • Think about bringing someone on to help you — but worry about having someone else relying on you AND that they will see you in your most raw and vulnerable behind-the-scenes state?

I can help you.

Working with me, you’ll find relief from the stress of running a one-woman show. I’ll provide tools and resources to help systematize and optimize your business — and I’ll help you implement them.

Soon, you’ll be looking forward to each work day, getting done all the things you’ve been planning for ages — and watching your income and time with your loved ones grow.

Imagine if you could…

  • Think about your to-do list every day — and actually feel excited.

  • Open your email, know exactly what needs your attention and have a system in place to handle things that don’t.

  • Enjoy self-care and time off, guilt-free.

  • Feel confident in being able to care for your clients because you know someone is caring for you!

  • End every single day with a sense of accomplishment and success.

How it works

We’ll start with a 90 minute Strategy Session. Here’s where you tell me everything that you feel overwhelmed by, the balls being dropped, the goals you want to move towards in your business and all the things you see other people do that you know you can do better (but haven’t had time to do yet!).

With that, we’ll put a plan in place that is realistic and feels great to you.

After that, I hit the ground running, getting you caught up, organized and feeling relieved. I’ll be working behind the scenes and we‘ll have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-ins (your choice!) while we keep your business successfully moving and growing.

All the while, you get to enjoy the extra time you’ve gotten back, safe in the knowledge that you can BREATHE (and be social, even!) without your business imploding.

Hiring someone like me can be scary – it’s kind of like letting me see the darkest and dirtiest corner of your house. But here’s the thing:
Once I’ve stepped in, turned on the lights and wiped away the cobwebs, you will be doing what you have always loved most in your business knowing that the rest is running like clockwork. It’s worth the risk — and I promise, I’m super non-judgy.


  1. Accountability. As well as setting up your systems and working within your business, I’ll also be regularly checking in with you to make sure you achieve your goals.

  2. Ideas. More than just a business manager and assistant, I’m a partner to brainstorm, bounce ideas off and trust as you scale your business.

  3. Manager. You’ll know that you can take time off because there’s someone to keep all the parts of your business running while you take a real (much needed!!) vacation.


The Result?

  • Actually enjoying your work, every damn day.

  • More clients — whether they’re new or repeat business.

  • Time for guilt-free self-care, adventures, and relaxing with your loved ones.

  • Finally hitting the business and financial goals you KNOW you’re capable of.

Your next steps:

Ready to feel like you are no longer going it alone in your business? Schedule your free consultation call with me!

1 Marsha Shandur from YesYesMarsha.com.jpg

Patti is the glue that holds my business together.

I’m a big-picture ideas person and definitely not someone who is naturally organised. Luckily — this doesn’t matter, because I have Patti to do this for me!

She works on almost every area of my business, getting things done, keeping me on track, doing research and undertaking day-to-day tasks for me. This leaves me time to work on business development, and to take time off to be with my family — without panicking that everything’s going to fall apart.

I call Patti my Magical Pegasus, because she makes things happen behind the scenes in a way that feels like magic. Everyone needs a Patti in their business.”

— Marsha Shandur, Storytelling Coach, Speaker and CEO at Yes Yes Marsha


"Thank you for you support. I could never get this accomplished without your sensible, calm (and quick) professional assistance. Best decision ever to hire you!! You are an answer to my prayers!"

— Kristen Iuupenlatz, Owner, Pilates Home Practice



"Patti took my visions, ideas for my site and brought a brand new website to life. Not only did she create an amazing site, she also created logos for me that are creative and unique. 
I highly recommend Patti and BizMagic to anyone ready to make your business stand out online. She is easy to work with, great at explaining the design process and overall a great person. I am beyond happy with my experience. Thank you Patti."

—Tisha Marina, I Choose Peace


"Patti has worked for me for 2 plus years. She has become essential to the functioning of my little business: teaching Full Spectrum Improvisation workshops and producing performances. Patti is very reliable, competent and easy to work with. I'm lucky to have her to help me."

—Joya Cory, Founder/Teacher, Full Spectrum Improvisation

Jacqueline McLaughlin HighRes_1.jpg

"Seeking to up level your execution in record time?  Patti can magically make it happen! She executes with high integrity, which is evidenced in her perceptiveness, resourcefulness, deep-level analysis, self-directedness, consultative inquiry, and active listening.  Teaming with her allows me to delegate rote tasks and focus on sharpening my core competencies.  I’m a starter and she’s my polisher. She also offers a different perspective and enables you to get unstuck and craft a brilliant solution Ever wonder how you are going to maintain A-level performance, on time, on budget, meet/exceed expectations without sacrificing a gym workout, date night, or a rainy Netflix binge in your sweats?  In comes Patti!  She assumes tasks with little or no direction and allows you to use your new found time to explore new systems and strategies and then practice them, covertly. Imagine, you can practice a new strategy without exposing your novice level to colleagues or clients!"

—Jacqueline McLaughlin, Founder, PHYREDUP


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