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Working with Patti has been life changing for my business. She does exactly what she says she will do exactly when she says she will do it and typically exceeds expectations. That is not my typical experience with VA’s. I was lost before her. She not only provides incredible support but also educates me along the way. She is also kind and incredibly easy to work with. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

—Courtney Spencer, Owner, Courtney Spencer Coaching

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“Patti is the glue that holds my business together.

I’m a big-picture ideas person and definitely not someone who is naturally organised. Luckily — this doesn’t matter, because I have Patti to do this for me!

She works on almost every area of my business, getting things done, keeping me on track, doing research and undertaking day-to-day tasks for me. This leaves me time to work on business development, and to take time off to be with my family — without panicking that everything’s going to fall apart.

I call Patti my Magical Pegasus, because she makes things happen behind the scenes in a way that feels like magic. Everyone needs a Patti in their business.”

—Marsha Shandur, Storytelling Coach, Speaker and CEO at Yes Yes Marsha

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Before working with Patti, I was overwhelmed. There are so many moving parts to get, different softwares to communicate and work well together. Patti's ability to do that one thing alone makes her priceless to me. 

In a nutshell, working with Patti is easy.  She’s quick, efficient, clearly communicates her ability and time availability and completes on or before promised. She never gets cranky or feels like she's overwhelmed. I tell her what I need, she gets it done. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

Since I started working with Patti, I have a new business goal: I want to pay her more money. Things that frustrated and created a huge time suck for me I've managed to let go of and let her handle. My time is used more efficiently and as a result I have less stress. I can't wait to be able to afford her more hours per week/month.

I’d absolutely recommend Patti. Solopreneurs are a perfect fit for her broad skill set.  We juggle a lot of balls and Patti is ready, willing and able to help us get through 30 foot swells towards calmer waters.  She has skills beyond that of an assistant and can help manage a variety of business situations.  She's thorough and great at looking at the big, complete picture to be sure my ass is covered.

Jodi Brown, Chef, Educator, Organizer, Jodi Brown CEO


Before working with Patti I WAS all over the place. I have so many elements of my business that require me to be hands on. There was no way for me to continue to take on administrative duties when I had little time and I was spending too much time trying to figure things out.

Working with Patti has allowed me to have more freedom to work with my clients and not have to worry about administrative details. I was able to expand my work schedule due to having more time to generate new clients and care for the ones that I currently have.

Patti has a great working knowledge of technology. She is efficient with time and she is also full of ideas. She also has a great personality. I continue to work with Patti due to the ease of working with her and she not only works for you, but she also works with you.

I would recommend Patti because of her professionalism, efficiency, and personality. I have [already] recommended Patti to some of my professional acquaintances.”

—Stephanie Michelle, Owner, Coach of Style


"Thank you for you support. I could never get this accomplished without your sensible, calm (and quick) professional assistance. Best decision ever to hire you!! You are an answer to my prayers!"

—Kristen Iuupenlatz, Owner, Pilates Home Practice


“I was looking for an assistant and Patti was referred to me as a possible solution. And, yes, Patti has been a great solution to many gaps in my business that I was not keeping pace with: scheduling social media, returning client and patient phone calls and anything I can’t get to when I’m actually working with my clients. In my business, I need someone who can talk to people, sometimes in distress, and can gently explain my process and get any questions answered. My clients and patients also express that it feels like she cares about their well-being and is easy to work with. This is super important to me because no one cares more about your business than you and she is the next best thing! She has been fantastic and can’t think of anything I’ve asked her to do that she can’t do! That is such a big relief for me as a solopreneur. The only downside for me is forgetting to send her stuff to do! I highly recommend Patti.”

—Mary Morrison, MBA,LAc.,Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM), Chinese Medical Practitioner, How You Heal

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“Before I started working with Patti, I was so scattered and overwhelmed and everyday I felt dread trying to follow up on everything, plus see clients. It was a no win situation.

It’s a pleasure working with Patti. She is competent and responsible. She organizes and gives me great ideas to simplify and expedite my social media presence and database management. She is full of great ideas and willing to learn any new technology or software.

Since I started working with Patti, I am getting more done, I have more time for my life and I worry less, which is a big deal. I have time to devote to other aspects of my business now that my book is out. I also have a training business that is demanding and know that Patti is always there if something is needed.

I would highly recommend Patti and her services for organizing, making simple tasks automated, web design, marketing, social media…you name it she does it all.”

Jan Bergstrom, LMHC, Therapist, Trainer, Author,


"Seeking to up level your execution in record time? Patti can magically make it happen! ... She executes with high integrity, which is evidenced in her perceptiveness, resourcefulness, deep-level analysis, self-directedness, consultative inquiry, and active listening. Teaming with her allows me to delegate rote tasks and focus on sharpening my core competencies. I’m a starter and she’s my polisher. She also offers a different perspective and enables you to get unstuck and craft a brilliant solution ... Ever wonder how you are going to maintain A-level performance, on time, on budget, meet/exceed expectations without sacrificing a gym workout, date night, or a rainy Netflix binge in your sweats? In comes Patti! She assumes tasks with little or no direction and allows you to use your new found time to explore new systems and strategies and then practice them, covertly. Imagine, you can practice a new strategy without exposing your novice level to colleagues or clients!"

—Jacqueline McLaughlin, Founder, PHYREDUP


"Patti has worked for me for 4 plus years. She has become essential to the functioning of my business. Patti is very reliable, competent and easy to work with. I'm lucky to have her to help me."

—Joya Cory, Founder/Teacher, Full Spectrum Improvisation


"I first learned about Patti and BizMagic from a raving review posted on Facebook from a client she previously worked with ... I immediately knew I wanted to work with her. Patti took my visions, ideas for my site and brought a brand new website to life. I had not wanted to send anyone to see the previous website I had before and now I encourage people to go to my site with pride. Not only did she create an amazing site, she also created logos for me that are creative and unique.
I highly recommend Patti and BizMagic to anyone ready to make your business stand out online. She is easy to work with, great at explaining the design process and overall a great person. I am beyond happy with my experience. Thank you Patti."

—Tisha Marina, I Choose Peace