How It Works

It's pretty straight forward: You are likely a small business or solo/entrepreneur and you need some extra help with those tedious tasks or specialized skills. That's where I come in – 18 years of Operations Management and Business Solutions experience at YOUR fingertips. Magic! I connect with you via phone or Skype, find out what your needs are, and get it done.

So, what can I help you with?

Administrative Support & Management


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Social MediA Posting & Scheduling

Website Development & Maintenance


Graphics Creation & Audio/Video Editing

And more...
For details, visit the Services page.

Positive Feedback

  • "Patti ... has become essential to the functioning of my little business: teaching Full Spectrum Improvisation workshops and producing performances. Patti is very reliable, competent and easy to work with. I'm lucky to have her to help me."
    — Joya Cory, Founder/Teacher, Full Spectrum Improvisation
  • "Patti is someone I have relied on time and time again. In all her roles ... she is a joy to work with. I put my trust in her, and all the necessary things get done. It makes me happy to walk into a theater and see her there, and I look forward to working with her again!"
    — David Hirata, Entertainer/Magician
  • "Patti has been an incredible asset to me...She is detail oriented, thinks strategically, proactively, asking pointed queries to optimize our mutual time. Her out of the box spirit has led the team to perform productively with an infused enthusiasm, removing remedial tasks, automating them w/technology...she embraces challenges, determined to exceed expectations."
    — Jacqueline McLaughlin, Founder, PHYREDUP
  • "Patti runs a very tight ship! She is highly organized, attending to many details. She makes all of this look quite easy. Patti is an excellent communicator, providing a much needed resource to the San Francisco Theatre Arts Community."
    — Craig Landry, Certified Addiction Specialist
  • "Patti Meyer is an ace project manager who is an expert in bringing a concept to completion ... Whether your project has a creative bent, practical persuasion – or a combination thereof – you’re in good hands with Patti. She’s smart, accessible, and a one-stop shop for any savvy business seeking the path to success."
    — Allison Landa, Freelance Writer and Editor