Let me guess...

You started your business to do what you love, but then quickly became inundated with menial tasks, research, or trying to learn specialized skills, all of which left you overwhelmed and stressed.

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You started your business so you could create your own schedule and find more time to be with your friends and family or have energy to maintain a social life or the self-care you need and deserve, but you find yourself working from morning until late at night AND on the weekends.

You started your business to offer a product or service to your customers but find that you have missed opportunities to retain your current customers or bring on more simply because your website is out of date and you don't have time to navigate the confusing waters of social media.

So now you want to save time, create and maintain meaningful relationships with your customers, make more money, and clear your plate of all the things that are keeping you from doing what you do best – RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS!

If this all hits a little too close to home, then it's time you invest in some extra support for yourself and your business.


That's where I come in – 18 years of Operations Management and Business Solutions experience at YOUR fingertips. Magic! I am a productivity expert who will help you create systems and automate your tasks. I provide specialized skills and simply take the repetitive items off your to-do list so you can spend your time doing what you love, running your business, and making more money! 

I connect with you via phone or Zoom to find out how I can best assist you in reaching your business goals.


So, what can I help you with?

Administrative Support & Management


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Social MediA Posting & Scheduling

Website Development & Maintenance


Graphics Creation & Audio/Video Editing

And more...
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Positive Feedback

  • "Patti ... has become essential to the functioning of my little business: teaching Full Spectrum Improvisation workshops and producing performances. Patti is very reliable, competent and easy to work with. I'm lucky to have her to help me."
    — Joya Cory, Founder/Teacher, Full Spectrum Improvisation
  • "Thank you for you support. I could never get this accomplished without your sensible, calm (and quick) professional assistance. Best decision ever to hire you!! You are an answer to my prayers!"
    — Kristen Iuppenlatz, Owner, Pilates Home Practice
  • "Patti is the glue that holds my business together. She works on almost every area of my business, getting things done, keeping me on track, and undertaking day-to-day tasks for me. This leaves me time to work on business development, and to take time off to be with my family — without panicking that everything’s going to fall apart. "
    — Marsha Shandur, Storytelling Coach, Speaker and CEO at Yes Yes Marsha
  • "Working with Patti has been life changing for my business. She does exactly what she says she will do exactly when she says she will do it and typically exceeds expectations. That is not my typical experience with VA’s. I was lost before her. She not only provides incredible support but also educates me along the way. She is also kind and incredibly easy to work with. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough."
    — Courtney Spencer, Owner, Courtney Spencer Coaching
  • "Before working with Patti I WAS all over the place...Working with her has allowed me to have more freedom to work with my clients and not have to worry about administrative details. I was able to expand my work schedule due to having more time to generate new clients and care for the ones that I currently have."
    — Stephanie Michelle, Owner, Coach of Style
  • "Patti has been an incredible asset to me...She is detail oriented, thinks strategically, proactively, asking pointed queries to optimize our mutual time. Her out of the box spirit has led the team to perform productively with an infused enthusiasm, removing remedial tasks, automating them w/technology...she embraces challenges, determined to exceed expectations."
    — Jacqueline McLaughlin, Founder, PHYREDUP
  • "Patti took my visions, ideas for my site and brought a brand new website to life....Not only did she create an amazing site, she also created logos for me that are creative and unique. I highly recommend Patti and BizMagic to anyone ready to make your business stand out online."
    — Tisha Marina, I Choose Peace
  • "Patti Meyer is an ace project manager who is an expert in bringing a concept to completion ... Whether your project has a creative bent, practical persuasion – or a combination thereof – you’re in good hands with Patti. She’s smart, accessible, and a one-stop shop for any savvy business seeking the path to success."
    — Allison Landa, Freelance Writer and Editor

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