Episode 12: My 6 Favorite Chrome Browser Extensions

BizMagic Podcast Episode 12: Favorite Chrome Extensions

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of researching something interesting and your computer starts to slowwwwww down to a painful pace and you know you’re going to have to close some tabs but you don’t want to lose your place? Or maybe you want to be a good Internet patron and keep all of your accounts secure, but you can’t be bothered to create unique and complex passwords for every site because then you’d have to remember them all! If any of this sounds like one of your struggles, I’ve got some great solutions for you! Stick around and check out my 6 favorite Chrome Browser Extensions to make your life much more efficient and less stressful!

I invite you to join me and watch the video below. But if you prefer to simply listen instead, there is an audio version below as well! And of course if you prefer to read, I have that available for you too! Enjoy! 

Canva tutorial mentioned in this episode: https://youtu.be/ivBfGuRDbd8


Video Transcript

How many times have you been doing some kind of work online and suddenly find your browser going too slowly, or see ads popping up everywhere, or you want to sign into an account but you can’t remember the password and you have to stop what your doing and remember where exactly you wrote it down and then go searching for it?

Or maybe you accidentally close your browser window and lose all tabs you just had open.

Any one of these things can make you want chuck your computer out your window. But before you do that (I mean unless you can totally afford a new computer no problem), join me for the next episode of the BizMagic podcast, where I’ll be sharing my 6 favorite Chrome Browser extensions that help you deal with everything I just described!

Welcome to the next episode of the BizMagic Podcast, sharing expertise and solopreneur journeys to help business owners find the magic in their businesses by being more productive, focused, and successful.

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Now, when talking about Chrome browser extensions, the reality is there are ENDLESS options available, but in the interest of time and helping you out, I’m just going to be talking about a few of the ones I use on a regular basis that tend to help me be more efficient in my work the most. And what’s even better, all of the extensions I’m going to share with you today are all free!

As any entrepreneur knows, anything that can save you the smallest amount of time each day can drastically add up and save you loads of time overall, and that is so important when you are responsible for everything running smoothly and successfully in your business.

But what if you don’t use the Google Chrome Web Browser? That’s completely fine! Many of these extensions or ones just like them are typically available for whatever web browser you use! So just stick around and maybe you’ll get some new ideas to save you time and make you more productive!

As a quick preview, here are my 6 favorite extensions:

  • The Great Suspender

  • Toby

  • FontFace Ninja

  • LastPass

  • Adblock Plus

  • Ad Block for YouTube

Want to dive deeper? Me too!

So first off we have the Great Suspender. Now this is a really great tool in the Chrome browser that allows you to save processing space and energy when using the internet.

Sometimes, if you have a lot of windows open all at once, your browser can tend to slow down and the window you're in starts dragging. It gets to be a little bit much, right?

So the Great Suspender is really awesome because it automatically shuts down tabs that you have open that you're not using.

You can set up how long you want it to take before they shut down – mine typically go down at about an hour, but you can set it to be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever you like. Essentially, it means your tabs go to sleep. All processes in any tabs you are not using stop so the only tab that stays active and taking up your computer’s juice is the one you're in.

When you’re ready to start using one of the tabs again, you can just go back to it and click anywhere on the page and it will start back up.

Another great option with it is that you can choose to shut down all tabs at once, so if you know you're not going to use a bunch of tabs that you have open for a bit, you can just put them all to sleep and then wake them back up when you’re ready.  

And this kind of leads me into number 2, which is Toby. Toby is another extension that helps  with that kind of problem as well.

With Toby, if you're working in a bunch of different tabs and you need to work on something else or change gears you can actually save all of your tabs and then close them all at once, saving your session in Toby.

Then, when you’re ready to resume your session, be it in a few hours or a few days, you can open Toby and relaunch all of your tabs.  This is important because like The Great Suspender, it can help keep your computer from slowing down from trying to process too many things at once.

Even better, you can open Toby and name any of the sessions that you've saved, such as “Printer Research” so you can easily find that session again in the future.  

Additionally, you can share your saved sessions with other people. So if you're working with multiple people on a project, and you did a portion of the research for it, you can simply share that session with your team and they can just as easily open all the tabs in your saved session up as if they had saved them themselves.

I love love love Toby.

So next up is FontFace Ninja! This is a really cool extension that I use all the time because I do design work for a lot of my clients.

So if you're working in, say Canva (don’t know what Canva is or need some Canva help? See my previous podcast Canva tutorial by clicking here) or some more simplistic design program that lets you make your own content, FontFace Ninja lets you figure out what font you are seeing on any web page so you can utilize that same font on whatever design platform you’re using.

I mean, how many times have you been on somebody's website and you've gone, “I love that font! I want to know it font is!” (I know I’m not the only nerd that does that!!) In that case, you’ll love this extension. It's super simple to use: you just click on the extension and then you roll over exactly on the web page where you see the font you like and it tells you what the font is.

So then you can go and hunt it down and download it for yourself, or at least know what to look for if you're using a program that already has that font in it.

The next Chrome Browser extension is something I used every day, all day. It’s called LastPass.

We all know about the importance of online security. And we all know each of our accounts are supposed to have different passwords, how many of us actually do that? And for those of us that do, how do you remember all of those different passwords without constantly having them all written down and near you all the time.

That’s where LastPass comes in. It’s a web tool that is sort of like a vault for your passwords. You can put all of your passwords and usernames into LastPass for storage and you can also have it automatically generate passwords for you so each one is unique and complex.

Then, when you go to a website that LasPass has stored, it just automatically fills in the login credentials for you. No need to remember anything or have a notebook sitting right there next to you.

And you don’t necessarily have to go in and enter the information. When you create an account somewhere or log into an existing one after you first install the LastPass extension, LastPass will automatically ask you if you want it to update or store your information.

Another really cool feature of LastPass that I use with several of my clients is you can share your login credentials with someone else without them actually seeing your password. So that means in my case, a client can share their login credentials with me via LastPass for, say their Facebook page, and when I go to Facebook, I can have the LastPass extension automatically fill in the clients information and I never see their password. So it’s a really safe way to get help from other people without having to give them your password or worry about changing it after you’re done working with them.

Ok! Moving on...these last two are somewhat related and are both a non-negotiable for me.

The first is Adblock Plus. We know how many ads are in everything everywhere. So while, Adblock Plus doesn’t get rid of all of ads all over the internet (for example, you’ll still see ads on Facebook, of course), but it does a pretty fair amount of blocking.

And after you start using it, you won't even realize how many ads it really block until you turn it off on a site and then you're like, “Whoa!!”

So it’s really awesome and you don't have to do anything after you install it. It just runs in the background and alerts you if something needs attention. Some sites won’t let you see their content unless you turn it off and to do so is quite easy, just click on it and whitelist that site.

And the very final one I’m going to talk about today is also an adblocker, but one exclusivly for YouTube. It’s called Ad Block for Youtube. Just like the other adblocker, you install it once and it runs in the background. And what does it do? It literally blocks all ads on YouTube videos.

So you know when you start a video and it says, “You can skip this ad in 3 seconds” or “Your video will play after this ad.”? Yeah, that’s not a thing anymore when you use Ad Block for YouTube. You click on a video and it just plays.


Game changer.

And that’s it!  My 6 favorite Chrome extensions!

And now I want to hear from you. What are YOUR favorite browser extensions that you use on a daily basis to up your productivity? Share with us in the comments, whatever your web browser is! And you can always email me at questions@bizmagic.co.

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Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you found some value and are already installing some new extensions to get your browser moving more quickly, your design skills kicking up a notch, and you’re browsing with less interruptions!

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Till then, keep the magic in your biz!